Is a deposit required?
Yes. When you book a shoot, I set aside that time for you. If the shoot is cancelled, it’s hard for me to quickly find another client. Therefore, I require a a non-refundable retainer fee prior to the shoot in case of cancellation. The rate is 50% for all types of photoshoots. Nothing is booked or set in my calendar until the deposit is paid and contract is signed, therefore, your desired time slot is up for grabs. Deposit is only refundable if I the photographer need to cancel the photoshoot for any personal reason. Refunds are processed on weekdays and it may take 3-10 business days to process depending on your bank. Refunds will be sent through Honeybook.
How will I receive the contract?
You will be emailed a link to E-sign the contract prior to the booking. 
What happens if I need to cancel or reschedule a shoot?
If you need to cancel the shoot, your retainer fee will not be refunded. If you reschedule, your retainer fee will go towards the cost of the rescheduled shoot. Communication is important, so please keep me updated on your scheduling concerns as soon as you are aware of them!
Do I get to choose which photos are edited?
Yes! I will first cull all of the outtakes (blurry images, eyes closed, photos that look exactly the same), then send you a gallery of unedited images to choose from. You can select which ones you’d like me to edit, to ensure that you get the best of what we capture together!  You will receive proof review picture 1-3 days after photoshoot.
Do you only take a limited amount of pictures at the shoot?
I will take as many pictures as we can during the shoot and you will choose your favorite poses/pictures.
Do you provide printed images?
I do not, but you are free to print them in any size that you would like.
How long will it take for me to receive my pictures?
Pictures take about 5-10 days to be finalized and delivered!
How are images delivered?
You will receive your images in a shared Google Drive album. Pictures can also be saved through the website for from which you can download the photos at full quality. I recommend downloading pictures through our website for better quality results. 
How to make a payments?
Payments will be made through Honeybook